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Smart Prescriptions: The gateway for influence & access

Are patients engaging sufficiently with you?
Are you achieving your download/usage metrics?
Are you building features no-one uses?
Rx management and fulfilment is the perfect feature to offer to your patients, ensuring they utilize your application at least every month as they manage their prescriptions in your App. While they are there, offer the value-add services that makes your platform unique.
Create new opportunities to interact with your patients with ScalaMed!


Gain real-time visibility on how your members/patients are managing their medications – no fill, out of refills, side effects – real time identification of patients at risk.

Unburden the doctor. Like with paper, but smart, patients receive their prescriptions in a digital wallet on their phone in seconds where they take control over fulfilment and pharmacy selection – with support.

Price comparison, personalized education, & adherence reminders ensures patients are empowered with a pharmacist in their pocket – 24/7

Why is healthcare always looking in the rear-view mirror? Let our intelligent software recognize issues/risk in real-time, so you can get proactive on the patients that really need your help.

How it works.

Automated. Scalable. Impactful.

5 simple steps

No EMR integration necessary

Doctors use their normal ePrescribing
software or EMR/EHR.

Patient text message invitation

Invite patient to view their prescription in your App. Clicking the link directs the patient to you.

Access and influence

Patient views Rx, education, instructions for use, interaction and allergy warnings, & real-time pricing.

Patient selects any pharmacy

Patient can be directed to, or select any pharmacy of choice for pick-up or delivery based on price, location and convenience.

Identify at-risk patients

If patients are not managing appropriately be the first to notice, so you can link them back in for care.

Get Started.

Make your digital tool the most used & useful destination for your patients.

The most effective way to regularly bring patients into your digital orbit.

Explore our APIs and our web based interfaces today.


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