Medications made easy. Better prescriptions.

The future of prescribing

Improve quality measures, increase billing, save time and keep patients safe.

Are your patients hospitalized without you knowing?
No visibility on adherence?
Not achieving hospitalization reductions or quality measure targets?
Interested in scaling care to ALL your patients when they aren’t in the clinic?
Want to identify patients BEFORE they become expensive?


Prescribers can send prescriptions from their EMR, and patients can access them instantly on their phone and choose a pharmacy for pick up or delivery.

Pricing, education and reminders and warnings – ensure a seamless and engaging patient experience.

With ScalaMed, patients are autonomous, supported and feel in control.

Patients can search for the lowest cost pharmacy to help them remain on therapy.

How it works

Automated. Scalable. Impactful.

In 5 easy steps

Visit your Doctor

Your Doctor sends an e-prescription instantly
to your phone.

Download the ScalaMed App

A text message will appear on your phone.
Click the link, and download App.

Review your prescriptions

In your App, you can read information
about your medications

Send to pharmacy

Directly from your App, search for a pharmacy
based on name or location

Pick up your medication

Head into the pharmacy (or wait for delivery)
to pick up your medication.

Get Started.

The future of your prescriptions starts here today.

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