The future of prescribing

Improve quality measures, STAR ratings, and keep patients safe.

Are your patients hospitalized without you knowing? No visibility on adherence? Not achieving hospitalization reductions or quality measure targets? Interested in scaling care to ALL your patients when they aren’t in the clinic? Want to identify patients BEFORE they become expensive?


Our system identifies patients at high risk of re-hospitalization. Through system nudges, education and reminders, our unique algorithm links high risk patients back into care.

Shave minutes off your prescribing time! Choose ScalaMed as the pharmacy, your patients receive their prescriptions in a digital wallet on their phone in seconds. Rather than the doctor searching for a pharmacy, this allows the patient to be in control of fulfillment – freeing up clinic time to focus on the important things.

We automate reminders, content, and engage patients at their fingertips to keep them on therapy. With price comparison tools, personalized education, and a simple interface, patients are empowered with a pharmacist in their pocket – delivering meaningful adherence improvements.

Despite our best efforts in the clinics, patients often make mistakes with their medications in the community. Let our intelligent software recognize these issues as they occur, and notify your team, so your staff can get proactive on the patients that really need your help.

How it works.

Automated. Scalable. Impactful.

In 5 easy steps

No EMR integration necessary

Use your normal ePrescribing software

Care-coordination for medication

Monitor, support, and help your patients with their
medications remotely.

Care coordination starts

Patient reminders, education, instructions
for use, interaction and allergy warnings,
and automated recalls to the clinic, keep
patients out of hospital.

Patient reminders

Patient is supported by our automated
tools to engage them and keep them
adhering to therapy.

Link at-risk patients into care

If patients are not responding appropriately
to our care-coordination, we inform you,
so you can get them back in for care.

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Identify patients at risk before they get into trouble.
The best way to manage your patients beyond the walls of your clinic

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