Reduced hospitalizations. Improved Quality. Reduced errors.

The first virtual care coordinator that supports patients to remain safe & effortlessly manage their prescriptions.


Our Customers’ Challenges

  • Medication mismanagement is a huge cause of unnecessary and preventable costs
  • We expect patients to take responsibility for their medication – yet don’t equip them to succeed. The results are they make too many mistakes (non-adherence, abandonment, mix-ups, and interactions) that cause hospitalizations, morbidity, and mortality
  • Current approaches are manual, require additional staff, and lack true visibility on what patients do when they are not in the clinic
  • In addition, the current prescription process is burdensome – every time a pharmacy is closed, out of stock, out of network, or the patient is traveling, the patient calls the clinic – adding unnecessary clinic admin


The World’s First Care Coordinator for Prescriptions

  • ScalaMed re-routes e-Prescriptions directly to patients (from the EMR), putting prescription fulfillment under the patient control, empowering patients to direct prescriptions from their App to any pharmacy

  • By giving patients control, we automate proactive engagements, to support patients to take responsibility for their health

  • Automated education, reminders, interaction warnings, price comparisons, and 24/7 access delivers savings and outcomes.

  • Smart algorithms cajole, prompt, nudge and drive patients to better health outcomes, and link them back into care


ScalaMed Care-Coordinator

ScalaMed’s virtual care coordinator automates patient support through:

  • Identifying patients at risk (risk scores, adherence, missed refills, interactions, Beers, certain medications)

  • Reports on patient behaviors when they are not in the clinic

  • Automating engagements with consumers (including information, text messages, emails, and recalls)

  • Linking at-risk patients into care


Our Business Model

Clinics with value based contracts (eg ACOs, MCOs), can access our base product for free, or alternatively pay low subscription fees for our virtual care coordinator that reduces the costs associated with medication mismanagement.
Our unique Coordinator automates reminders, offers tailored health content, sends warnings to prevent hospitalizations, and links at-risk patients back into care, allowing clinics to target their interventions to the right patients.


Our Outcome Measurements

  1. Time savings for clinics to focus on higher value care
  2. Reduction in hospitalizations due to medication mismanagement
  3. Reduction in Rx cost for patients and payers
  4. Adherence improvement
  5. Improvement in medication quality scores
  6. Substantial impact in value targets